CoinFantasy Launches Decentralized Game

CoinFantasy announced early access to its first multi-chain decentralized cryptocurrency fantasy game for Financial Markets.

Coinfantasy equips its users with all the tools to create and run prize-pool-based fantasy games to win mega rewards and cash prizes.

The platform aims to gamify the financial markets by using a play-to-earn model. The key highlights of the CoinFantasy ecosystem are:

  • Coin Launch is a proof of concept to gamify Launchpads (Initial Game Offerings) where users can get whitelisted for airdrops and allocations.
  • Users can mint and sell NFTs and its value is directly associated with the minter.
  • The DeFi protocol of CoinFantasy empowers the platform to offer services such as collateralized loans, Yield farming and Insurance for game creators.
  • Consistent game participants can set a Token Set Protocol in which their followers can subscribe to their Token sets for a fee.

CoinFantasy works on a play-to-earn model where the rewards amplify as the number of players increase. When a player registers for a game pool, they have to give a small fee that adds to the pool. So as the number of players increases, so do the rewards.

During the game, game participants and organizers can mint their NFTs on CoinFantasy Launchpad and sell them to the sponsors. Using this mechanism, CoinFantasy creates a rewarding opportunity for game organizers, participants, and sponsors alike.

All of the parties involved in the pool will receive rewards after the completion of the game pool. However, only the participants who win are rewarded.

This launch is a big step for CoinFantasy and follows the roadmap of the platform. This launch allows the company to test its mantle as it offers its services to the users to try out CoinFantasy’s unique services. Users and organizers who participate in the exclusive early access of the game will qualify for several rewards such as:

A $10,000 prize pool for players participating in the early access.

  • Users who participate and complete the early access game will stand a chance to win $10,000 in several game pool prizes.

$100 Airdrops to users participating in the early access of the game 

  • Every user who participates in the early access of the game will receive an airdrop in the future.

$125 Airdrops to users who participate and make infographics or memes and tag Twitter 

  • Users who participate in the game’s early access and make infographics and memes for the game and the platform will receive $125 worth of airdrop.

$150 Airdrops to users who make videos and tag Twitter

  • Users who make videos about the game, platform, and experience and share it on Twitter with CoinFantasy official handle will receive $150 airdrops.

The gaming platform has several features that users can test during the early access and report their experience. Players can share their winnings and publish their game progress on social media channels and become a sensation.

They can generate extra cash as CoinFantasy rewards winners with cash prizes. Players can also mint unique NFTs as rewards while playing the game and use those NFTs later for added revenue.

The early access allows users to participate, test its features, and become eligible for the rewards. Users will be able to play the game from August 5, 2021, and dive deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies with gamified experiences.

Play now or find out more about CoinFantasy here.


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Source: CoinFantasy Launches Decentralized Game

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