Why does Kerala still have so many cases of Covid-19?

A southern state known for its exceptional pandemic control currently has the most new cases of coronavirus in India.

Kerala, along India’s western coast, reported over 22,000 cases yesterday (Aug. 5), nearly 50% of the day’s total new Covid-19 infections in the country. The only other state contributing to a majority of India’s caseload is Maharashtra, which had over 9,000 new infections yesterday. Kerala’s new cases are still significantly below its peak of over 43,000 on May 12.

Though densely populated, the state had become exemplary in how it controlled the spread of coronavirus infections since March 2020. Tapping into its past experience with Zika and Nipah viruses, it has tried stopping the waves of infections from suddenly spiking, and keeping its Covid fatalities low. Its case fatality ratio is among the lowest in India at 0.5%. Even at 43,000 cases, Kerala’s healthcare, unlike in several metropolitan cities like Delhi and Ahmedabad, had not crumbled under the pressure.

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Source: Why does Kerala still have so many cases of Covid-19?

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