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HotCryptoNews is an educative and informative news website founded in May 2019 with specialty in cryptographic technology, fintech, privacy, and the Internet — among other related topics. The primary goal of the website is to instill transparency into an industry replete with deceitful reporting, unlabeled sponsored articles, and paid news pussyfoot as honest journalism.

Since founding the website, the team has grown significantly to incorporate most of the brilliant professionals in technological media.

Though HotCryptoNews is based in Lagos with an office in the United States, its management and journalists come from the Africa, United States, Europe, and Asia. As such, we consider ourselves to be a global news organization that is not affiliated with Lagos.

Our experienced and highly-qualified journalists hail from a variety of professional background but are united by a shared interest in distributed ledger technology, decentralization, privacy, and the roles technology will play in our future society.

HotCryptoNews has absolutely no political agenda. However, we are proud to provide an outlet for our writers and contributors to express their opinions and perspectives — irrespective of their individual political leanings.

Our Editorial Policies

Journalistic Standards

Every journalist and editor at HotCryptoNews is committed to adhering strictly to set of journalistic principles, thus, making the platform the most trustworthy news source in the entire industry.

Of course, we must, for clarity sake express that nobody is perfect and mistakes do happen — especially in an industry where time is of crucial essence. In the event of a publishing error, we strive to rectify it as quickly as possible by issuing a correction. We also continually communicate with both editors and writers about journalistic ethics.

We Don’t Just Trust, We Verify.

Every writer at HotCryptoNews is expected to provide content that has been thoroughly fact-checked and is error-free. Likewise, all editors are expected to double ensure no mistakes are made before publication.

We Protect Anonymous Sources

Yes! we are committed to freedom of speech, HotCryptoNews is and will always protect its anonymous sources.

Did we make a mistake?

If a story contains misleading information or a bonfire mistake, please, do not hesitate to contact HotCryptoNews’ Editor in Chief. Email: editorinchief@hotcryptonews.tech

If a story contained a particularly heinous mistake, HotCryptoNews is committed to issuing a published apology.

Want to know more about our editorial policies? Learn more here.

HotCryptoNews’ Core Team

Director: Paul Igbokwe (Lagos)                                                                                                  Asia News Editor: FeihuLi (Beijing)
U.S News Editor
: Irisha Kraus (United States)
Australia News Editor: Michael E. Gormanston   
Features Editor: Glory Alexandre
Chief Digital Officer: Damial Polo (Spain)
Global Social Media Executive: Jasmin S Paulus  (Netherlands)
Media Sales Executive: Maksimova Ni (Moscow)
Business Development Manager: Jessy Wayn (UK)

Learn more about our editorial team here.

Diversity Policy & Equality

HotCryptoNews’ mission is simple: to provide the latest, high-quality cryptocurrency and blockchain news to its readers. As such, we believe there is no room for discrimination in our project’s virtual and physical workplace.

We do not think in terms of gender, race, religion, identity, age and experience — we only think in terms of quality reporting. Everyone is welcome to work at HotCryptoNews, and we strive to make everyone involved feel comfortable portraying their whole selves at work.

HotCryptoNews is global. As such, we employ the highest-quality and most experienced writers from all over the world. Our staff is comprised of individuals with diverse personal histories, preferences, and backgrounds. We are committed to a free and open workplace — and we hope this brings us closer to our audience.

Lagos Office

Street: 35, Lateef Jakande Road, Alausa
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City: Ikeja
Country: Nigeria
Phone: +234 (704) 522-1221


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